Randall Davey Audubon Center Welcomes Lily Ellenberg

Lily Ellenberg is a new Educator and Camp Counselor at the Randall Davey Audubon Center and Sanctuary (RDAC).

Before joining the Audubon flock, Lily worked as a caretaker for her grandmother, Edie Brissey in Albuqueruqe. Edie was almost 96 years old when she passed this year, and it was Lily's pleasure and honor to spend so much time together with Edie during her last years. 

So far, Lily's favorite part of the job is spending time with the kids at RDAC, witnessing them get excited about nature and being outside and hearing them talk about coming back on the weekend or show an interest in future summer camps. 

In her off hours, Lily enjoys spending time in nature, being by water is her favorite. Time with friends and community is central too, cooking and eating meals together especially. She also loves to dance in her living room!

Her favorite bird? The crow. They are survivors, scavengers, and can remember a human's face and pass that memory down to their future generations. "I strive to find beauty in the mundane and crows are beautiful reminders of that for me,"Lily says. "Often seen as common city dwellers I think their majesty is sometimes forgotten." 

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