Meet James Wood, Facilities Assistant at Randall Davey Audubon Center and Sanctuary

Hi! My name is James Wood, and I am the new Facilities Assistant at the Randall Davey Audubon Center and Sanctuary.

This August will mark 20 years living in Santa Fe and I am so proud of that. I attended the College of Santa Fe to study photography. I tried my hand at the art world here, and most recently worked five years at the Museum of New Mexico Foundation in the shop’s offices. I am so fortunate again to have found a wonderful place to work with wonderful people. I became a Northern New Mexico Master Naturalist in 2021 which inspired me to look for a position outdoors--so here I am and I’m so glad to be here!

The favorite part of my job is working outside and having the opportunity to enjoy birdwatching as I work. The property here has a diverse landscape which offers a lot of variety to enjoy.  I’m learning things daily which is bringing me closer and closer to the natural world.

I love spending my off time with my one-year-old daughter, Maeve. My wife Brittny and I enjoy going on adventures with Maeve and our two dogs, Murphy and Rio. We like to garden and spend time outside.

For the longest time, my favorite bird has been the Bushtit. A group of them picking delicately through a piñon brings a smile to my face every time. Pure delight!

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